Conquering Europe?

Every so often I come across something inside a book that makes me feel good about being myself…my best self, that is. So I’ve decided that those quotes, concepts, etc are worthy of being shared a la the revolutionary daily thoughts group operated by Mwalimu Baruti.

This one is from John Henrik Clarke’s book: Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust.

There are Africans educated in Africa with African money who are scattered all over the world; they want to be everything but Africans. They have turned Africa over to a bunch of thugs. Coup after coup after coup. Who is going to give Africa the stability that it needs? I maintain – and this might be away from the subject – that there is no solution for African people, except for some form of Pan African Nationalism, no matter how you cut it. No matter what island you’re from, no matter what religion you belong to…we must develop a concept of our Pan Africanism that cuts across all religious, political, social, fraternity, sorority lines and allows us to proudly face the world as one people.


Africans and other non-European people must plan and strategize for a New World Order distinctly their own that will be developed by them, for them. Our mission should not be to conquer Europe but to contain Europe within its borders and let it be known that anything Europe wants from other parts of the world can be had through honorable trade.

If we understand our mission, I think we will become aware of the fact that we are in a position to give the world a new humanity that will bring into being a new world of safety and respect for all people.

Heady, isn’t it?

~ by Tichaona Chinyelu on September 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Conquering Europe?”

  1. Stunning… really fantastic subject. I will blog about it as well!

  2. I agree with what is said, pan-africanism is definitly the way to go, but how do we un-integrate the minds from this capitolistic mindset that is so based on finance and climbing this ladder to nothingness…but u have my support and the support of many others….let’s put up some pan-african links so that we can continue to connect with like minds!

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