nothingness, cross-racial adoption, rick james and christianity

when I was in high school, an english teacher told me if i have nothing to write, write about nothing. so because i really have nothing to say right about now, here goes my exploration into nothingness….and into your sufferation for reading! ha!

randomness is hard. i always thought so since i first understand the term stream of consciousness. i mean, when robin williams was on his coke-fueled comic stream of consciousness was he really saying whatever came to mind? was faulkner, with his run-0n sentences, really writing [and keeping] whatever came to his pen?

who knows. who cares? randomness is hard.

because now my mind is traveling to what j thought was an attempt to have a conversation about race but which turned out to be a soliloquy.  [imagine that] where is the logic in saying that mainstream media needs to go more in depth into international cross-racial adoption, that the media needs to address race in a more meaningful way and then turning around and ignoring someone who does go more in depth about international cross-racial adoption? even the act of ignoring says volumes about motivations behind such international cross-racial adoptions.

but anyway. randomness is hard. why is that every time i say that rick james saying "cocaine is a helluva drug” flashes in my mind? clear as day. maybe it’s because religion is the opiate of the masses. not many things make me fearful but seeing folks in the grip of a religious fervor qualifies. it has to do with the god those worship, i think  [always male, always harsh and judging].

i’m sorry but i just don’t understand the concept of a male god and only a male god. why would such a god create a world where nothing procreates [continues itself throughout time] without the male-female dynamic. i mean, you may find a fish way down deep in the darkest part of the atlantic ocean that can procreate by itself or some such weirdness but that fish is an anomaly, rare.

randomness is hard. i’m off to free associate titles on book shelf titles.

~ by Tichaona Chinyelu on March 3, 2010.

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