The Writing Life

I am a mad reader, no doubt. Over the 30 days, I have added about 10 books to my to-be-read pile. I routinely adjust my Goodreads currently reading list. Recently, I attempted to put a bit more discipline to my reading list by deciding to finish one book before I start another.  I wish I could bring such orderliness to my writing process. I have become a haphazard writer – especially during this current summer. Of course, I have legitimate reasons for that state of affairs. I had surgery in June. I am the mother to an 8-year-old boy who likes to do things with me just when I sit down to type.  I no longer have hours upon hours to wrangle feeling inspired into the poems at the base of said inspiration. Despite my belief in, and acceptance of, Toni Morrison’s statement about writer’s block, I sometimes worry about not writing as regularly as I used to. Can I still call myself a writer if several weeks and/or months go by without putting down a single satisfactory word? Earlier today, a right-on-time blog entry by writer Kiini Iburi Salaam came across my Facebook wall and helped chill me out in that regard. Here’s her lead-in remarks:

‎”People who haven’t published always say “I’m not really a writer.” But a writer is a writer–to the bone. You can hear it when they speak, it spills out of their emails and their thoughts, it is in their be-ingness and whether they share it with the world or not, whether the world buys into their vision or not, that writer-ness is not going anywhere! Whether it was born in the bones or later took up residence in the writer’s flesh, once it is settled in your body, it is there to stay!

Similarly, once you have been a writer, that is always a part of your identity, even if you never write again. In the below link, I come to peace with being a writer, not writing, and what I was making writing mean.”

~ by Tichaona Chinyelu on August 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Writing Life”

  1. If you’re writing, you’re definitely a writer. It was nice of her to leave that on your wall post. If you ever feel down (this art can get quite stressful at times LOL), it helps to have a writing buddy to keep you motivated and encouraged.

    Writers tend to be way hard on themselves. There’s times that I’ve said this scene sucks, but someone else will find it really interesting. So, it’s also good to put your stuff away for awhile then come back to it with a more objective eye.

    Good luck with your writing journey!

    Keep smiling,

    • Yawatta, thanks for your comments. I have been writing for two decades now and definitely see a difference between the first years, the middle years and now. I’m acclimating to this new reality and it definitely helps to reads posts of other writers…as well as supportive comments like yours.

      Thanks again,

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