About this Mad Reader

In my other manifestation, I am known as Siah Salma Bangai (aka Tichaona Chinyelu), a woman who reads quite a lot but in a quite random fashion. In other words, there’s no rhyme or reason to my reading habit except for a focus on African and/or black literature. I also write. Samples of my non-review writings can be found here: The Weaver Woman Chronicles.

3 Responses to “About this Mad Reader”

  1. Siah,
    Thanks for your visit and for linking to our post about e.e. cummings. Would love to see some of your writing. Tried to access the http://www.inthewhirlwind.com but it only linked to a godaddy page. Visit our website, find our email address (don’t want to list it on a public space) and send us some of your work (if you want to, that is!). Best wishes,

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